Just can't get enough of this game
  • If I'm starting a new warband and I'm not playing I'm thinking about it. This game can be very addictive. My theory is that it feels so close to the table top game that I love to play. Now I know there are improvement that could be made like customization and new warbands and all but even without those things I still enjoy the game.
    Thanks for making it!

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  • The game really is pretty special but as you say there are areas that could be improved. Maybe once Necromunda is done they might start on Mordheim 2 on the new engine and fix some of those issues to make an even better game.

  • We should make a post of what mordheim community want for mordheim 2 like , for PvP we want 2v2 or more , spectate mode , competitive mode (why not ? )
    For PvE we need maybe more maps some stuff like that and a good dice roll too x)
    Over all we need new warbands as well :)
    Sorry for my bad english ^^

  • I agree had many warband choices been made I believe this game would have been epic. Still good just not what it could have been

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