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    Hey coaches,

    The Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 has been announced at Le What's Next de Focus, our press event in February 2017. We're pleased to finally unveil all the info about this new edition!

    Release date

    2017 – we’re aiming at late summer (early September) but depending on how the tests go, it may be a bit delayed. We have some complicated features on the list (rez mode for example) and we want to implement them correctly. We'd prefer a slight delay than a messy launch.


    PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


    • For new players: the Legendary Edition with ALL the content of Blood Bowl 2 at the price of a full game. Contains BB2 base game + Team Pack (Wood Elf/Lizardmen/Nurgle/Norse/Necromantic/Undead/Chaos Dwarfs/Khemri) + Official Expansion.

    • For existing owners of BB2: the Official Expansion content for the price of a big DLC.

    You'll still be able to purchase individual races if you wish.


    Full compatibility between the 2 versions. Most small features and quality of life changes will be available to all BB2 players, even those who didn't purchase the Official Expansion.

    Content of the Official Expansion

    • 8 new races
      • Amazons
      • Goblins
      • Vampires
      • Ogres
      • Halflings
      • Pro Elves
      • Underworld
      • Kislev (based on the rules of Slanns)
      • For a total of 24 races (the current 16 + 8 new)
    • Swiss system competition
    • Resurrection Mode
      • No lasting SPP/injuries between each round.
    • Team Editor
      • Choose a race and get unlimited gold, as well as the option to add any skill/stat/injury.
      • These teams get a tag “custom team” which can be banned from a league.
        *Our goal with the combo “team editor + resurrection mode + Swiss system” is to give the opportunity to players to experience the rules played on tabletop.
    • New solo campaign mode
      • Any race.
      • Perpetual campaign.
      • You have a map where you can go from a competition to another.
      • Less cinematics/story and more freedom.
    • A brand new stadium based on the “Khemri” theme
    • Mercenary teams
      • Teams composed of players picked from different races.
      • Several groups of teams you can pick your players from (i.e “Elf team” = Pro Elf, WE, HE, DE).
      • These teams will also have a specific tag – they won’t be allowed in Champion Ladder for example.
    • Star Player team
      • Teams composed of 16 Starplayers.
      • These teams will have a specific tag as well.
    • New chat tab in a league
      • Accessible by all coaches with a team registered in the league.
    • Post-match chat
      • You can discuss with your opponent even after the end of the game, as long as you stay on the “end of the match” screen.
    • Manual seeding in competitions.

    • Possibility to play a league with a mix of human players and AI teams.

    • AI enhancement
      • The AI will now takes into account the current turn of the game (and not cross the pitch with dwarfs at turn 16).
    • Optional skills
      • It’s been discussed a lot with the community – more skills will be optional (Pass, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Break Tackle).
    • Free Camera Mode

    • Save during a singleplayer match.

    • Option to deactivate ageing in solo.

    • Enhanced Competition Administration
      • Possibility to admin a match in details (to decide TDs, injuries, SPP…)
    • A pause system in multiplayer
      • 3 pauses per player per game.
      • No time limit to a pause.
      • Any player can unpause at anytime during a pause (even 5 seconds after a player paused).
      • Players can use the chat during the pause.
    • FAME displayed during a match

    • New cheerleader models (not one per team, but a bit more diversity).

    • Cheerleaders will have the same colors as the team they're supporting.

    • Option to display the tooltip in dices probability (“2+” instead of “83%”).

    • A lot more Starplayers
      • We aim at 50 Starplayers total.
      • They won't all have a "premium skin" but we want to make them all available gameplay-wise.
    • Option to mute chat in match

    • Option to ban players from a competition in-game.

    • A lot of other small things – mainly “quality of life” improvements.

    95% of the content of the Legendary Edition is directly taken from your feedback and suggestions about Blood Bowl 2 since launch. Thanks for being this commited and enthusiastic toward Blood Bowl!

    A few screenshots to ease your wait - the bear is Kislev's big guy!

    Have fun on the pitch,

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