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Perhaps they rolled a six to dodge out and failure was then impossible therefore the game did not give you the option to lay your player down, I'm not saying this is what happened and i in no way a blood bowl doctor but its just my intial thoughts.

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I agree that the ai is generally a very bad coach. But the heart and soul of this games is the mano vs mano, playing other coaches. So I feel like there are many other things I'd like to see before I see an improved ai

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Also traditionally Nintendo perfers games that are geared and rated at all ages. Not alot of mature content on Nintendo. I live the idea though but have my doubts about it ever happening.


Coach Tizzle Bizzell
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Indeed, I am not in the match but I admin a Facebook group dedicated to the champions ladder on Xbox. The match has been scheduled on there for Sunday morning at 10ish am eastern standard time, usa.

Here is a link to the Facebook grouo, just in case you want to join in the fun!

Coach Tizzle Bizzell
Xboxone Cabalvision League commissioner

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I agree had many warband choices been made I believe this game would have been epic. Still good just not what it could have been

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Hi coaches, I just wanted invite all coaches on Xbox1 to join a Facebook group dedicated to the Cabalvision Open Ladder (COL) and the Champions Competition ladder (CCL). From this Facebook group we provide quick access to league rules and various league trackers around the interwebs as well as quick access to streamers who play bloodbowl 2 on Xbox1 and discussion on all things Cabalvision official. Thank you for your time. Now get on the pitch!

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I didn't know this about a frenzy assassin very interesting

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On Xbox we play with a very small player base comparitivly to other platforms, I think more of our coaches would be spinning more often and I'd imagine the 60/40 win rate is not true if only matches on Xbox are counted.

I think it would help on Xbox and couldn't hurt to try.

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I believe lowering the -/+ max tv difference from 500 to 300 would not eliminate this, but could help especially on Xbox1

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