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posted in MudRunner - Technical Support

Hi, we just got back from the weekend, but we're still looking into this.

What platform are you playing on?

posted in BFG - General Discussion

Please stay respectful to each other. This forum is a place to exchange about Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and not to fight over it.

So continuing with the title of post @Netheos ... what's next? 🙂

We're currently preparing the plan to release trailers and various other cool assets to show you more about the game in the upcoming months.

posted in Spintires: MudRunner

Hi @JustaFordGuy,

Could you please try the public beta listed here?

This should fix the issue, but let us know if it doesn't.

Hi @torcuato8 and @Russ,

If you're looking for a way to force 1080p, you can do so with this method: Settings>Display and Sound> Video output > TV Resolution > 1080p

Be aware that this will set your whole console to 1080p, and you will need to revert this if you want to play in 4k again.

posted in BFG - General Discussion

Everyone, please refrain from ad hominem attacks here. This is the second time I've had to say this in this thread.

posted in MudRunner - General Discussion

The embargo lifted Wednesday, journalists who discussed with the team are now free to publish their articles. But we haven't seen many articles yet.

posted in BFG - General Discussion

@MataCucasRAID Please refrain from ad-hominem attacks on these forums.

posted in MudRunner - Bug Reports

Could you please screenshot your progression page for us?

posted in Necromunda - Welcome Area

@jeddaven I've made a change to your account, are you able to edit now?

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