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@r3drum Hey there,

The team are still working on a fix for the issue, but I don't have any news at the moment. I'll double check with the team today, and get get back to you as soon as I hear something

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@captain-caboose said in Apply for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Closed Alpha:

@netheos so it says on the pre order that we will be able to play the multiplayer a few weeks before launch is that still happininng among the beta if so roughly when

also iv been debating buying the tau or space marines in the first game but hearing the sequal might have them is making it a little tricky since i dont know if it would be worth buying them

one last thing will there be any more bonuses to pre ordering or is it just the price difrence among early accsess

not saying there bad there quite good in most respects just curious if there will be more

Multiplayer Beta is still planned a few weeks ahead of release, yes.

All pre-order bonuses are listed below. There won't be any additional ones.

posted in Vampyr - Support Forum

@jmcozart We are going to fix this, yes. We're hard at work on a fix currently, but we don't have a fix for it at the moment.

posted in Vampyr - Support Forum

@ctrlshft Hey there! Which item was the infinite money glitch working with, please?

posted in MudRunner - Technical Support

Hi there!

thank for you this, I'll pass it along to the team!

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