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Use your drone to create the deadliest combos in The Surge: A Walk in the Park!

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@rhs said in Mudrunner, the future:


We are also, of course, hard at work at implementing new content in Spintires: MudRunner for you all, and are looking forward to unveiling what will be in this next update in the near future.

Iyagovos, Is this 'new content' in the so called next update also available for console users, or only for PC ?

All platforms will be updated the same way.

@knight25 said in Mudrunner, the future:

@iyagovos If you look at the negative comments about the game, many players are angry because what they liked in the old game was cutted from Mudrunner such as ability to change tires and wheels and, some even report that the mud seems to be less advanced and varied compared to SpinTires (why did the creators do that, I can not understand it myself). In addition, what annoyed everyone, the camera, for unexplained reasons was not fixed for the day of premiere + useful camera on the roof was removed and the new cockpit view is.... well, its simply ugly.
My advice for Developers is: as far as possible add to the game what most players want, and never remove (only improve!!!!) what they like. Regards :)

Community feedback, including Steam reviews, are the grass-roots of Spintires: MudRunner's future updates. We have a new camera mode planned for the next update which should satisfy most players who don't like the current camera.

Concerning the mud physics, you'll find more details about it in Pavel's devblog, but it's definitely more refined than in the original game.

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Hi @DruidsNectar, sorry to hear you feel like we don't exchange with you enough. We do our best to answer questions from players, giving as much visibility on upcoming content as we can.

As explained in other posts, our first priority right after the release of Spintires: MudRunner was to fix the most urgent remaining technical issues. It's been done in a first bug fix update a week after the release (10 days on consoles).

We're now working hard on a major update with a lot of bug fixes and some features highly requested by the community since release (wheel support on consoles and a new camera mode are the two main priority). We can't give you an accurate date for this update because it depends on how the testing process goes, but we aim at December.

More will follow in 2018. MudRunner community is huge and very active and we gathered a massive amount of feedback since release. We already plan to work on the most requested features.

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Cyanide did, some years ago, make a "computerized" version (i.e. fantasy football) called Chaos League (which is actually why we are where we are now). Personally I quite enjoyed it, but it was not Blood Bowl. The closest to Chaos League was BB1's Blitz! mode, but the problem is that if you're calling it Blood Bowl then that comes with a lot of baggage: Blood Bowl is a Blood Bowl. I'd certainly not be averse to a (parallel) game akin to BB with similar mechanisms to those some here want, but BB is its own thing.

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It will be fixed in an update vastly improving the stability on console. We don't have a date yet, but we'll announce one as soon as possible.

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The thing is a timebank is a fundamental change to the way the game works. It would require developer time and patching. Switching to two minutes can be done already in game by an admin if that's what we want to do.

I'd be happy for season 11 to trial 2 minutes, at least we'd have something to compare against rather than speculation.

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