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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. It could be an option for potential future content update, but, as said above, we're sticking to LRB6 as much as possible for now. Have a nice day!

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RankPoints = Win% * (CrossPoint + (1 - CrossPoint) * (1-((1-MIN(Limit, GamesPlayed)/Limit)^x)) + NonConcedeBonus
where x = log (a/(1-CrossPoint)) / log(1-(Target/Limit))
Crosspoint = 0.4
Limit = 42
NonConcedeBonus = (played - concede) * 0.02 (concede = 0 atm).
a = 0.05
Target = 28

Crosspoint is currently at 0.4. I'll run some tests with variations from 0.2 to 0.4.

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@Enarion said in Stop The Fling Suffering - End the +300TV Madness!:

Which kind of strengthens my point on the matter. I.e. they perform best against equal TV. But if they are facing higher TV teams, then they need cheap inducements to be able to be competitive, because just a few skills like block, tackle, can wreck havoc to them.

I don't think there are many disagreeing with that. Certainly I am not.

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you get a feel for what is random and what is definitely not

No, you don't. Humans are appalling at recognising randomness. That's why we have tests for it.

Your conspiracy theories are fun and all, but I suggest you spend that 10c on another tinfoil hat instead.

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loll yeah, I'd forgotten that! Something to pass the time while your opponent is afk!

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"n" cycled through names/numbers/nothing in BB1, iirc.

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@CoSm1c-gAm3r said in Need different section of the forums for different languages.:

@SKULL0FD3ATH dicks are those arrogant and lazy ones that didnt want and dont want to LEARN! Instead they expect that someone will do something about them being lazy.

Thanks to stay respectful. You can read our forum rules HERE.

The main language of the forum will stay English for now for the simple reason that nobody read russian among the community team, meaning we can't moderate posts in cyrillic.

Our russian fans are welcome on the forum, and we're fine with posts in russian as well, but we won't dedicate a section of the forum as long as we don't have the tools to administrate it properly. It might change in the future - we'll start looking trustworthy and motivated community admins for the game soon.

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