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Hello, sorry to hear that you feel that there is a problem in the RNG of the game, but that's not the case.

How long have you played? Have you really failed 100% of the "83%" rolls you did? Could you give me the teams and coaches who played the match so we can take a look?

If you're interested in this topic, we posted a lot of explainations and details about how RNG (the dice) work in Blood Bowl 2 here:

Have a nice day!

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Vous pouvez inscrire un nombre illimité d'équipe dans le Champion Ladder, c'est le nombre de concession total qui est limité à 5.

Mais l'équipe doit être nouvelle (ne jamais avoir joué de match) et ne pas être une équipe mixte. Est-ce le cas?

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@odasac said in Register For The Closed Technical Alpha:

@netheos next wave???😕

I don't have the date of the next wave yet. I'll keep you updated.

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We sent a new wave of keys yesterday. As always, more will follow if you didn't recdieve anything. Have a nice day!

posted in SHD - General Discussion


Space Hulk Deathwing has a dedicated channel in the official Focus Discord here:

There is also a channel to find squad mate.

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Vampyr Citizen Mechanics

Vampyr releases in a few days on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and we'd like to cover today the deep systems that make up Vampyr’s citizen and district ecosystems, as showcased in a gameplay footage taken from last week’s developer stream, in which the team discusses the game and answer questions direct from the community.


Players are free to kill (or spare) any and all of London’s citizens, using their blood to evolve deadly new powers. Jonathan Reid is also a doctor, and can therefore choose to heal these same inhabitants by conducting examinations and crafting specific medicines.

Curing illnesses improves the quality of life for each citizen and the district as a whole – but for players that only care about growing stronger, it also means their blood offers a larger, tastier boost in power!


Balancing the overall health of citizens with who you choose to kill is vital for players who want to keep districts from being lost. Each of the four main districts have their own health status gauge, which is affected by the number of dead, sick and healthy citizens in that area.

As the gauge drops lower, shop prices will increase, citizens are more likely to get sick, and life there generally deteriorates. If the status drops below critical condition, then the entire district will be lost forever!

This means all shops, citizen side quests and regular inhabitants in that district are permanently gone, taken over by deadly enemies.


If this happens, it doesn’t mean game over! A player who loses all four districts can still complete Vampyr’s main story – though their recklessness will reward them with the ending they deserve.

Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Preorders are now available at

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@cardamon said in news?:

when there will be at least some information about the game, screenshots, gameplay ?

We'll soon publish screenshots and trailer 🙂

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@inebula said in Register For The Closed Technical Alpha:

Howdy focus home. How about key or some info about the "alpha"?

Hello! The Closed Technical Alpha is going well. We open usually open the servers twice a week for two hours to maximise the number of players in the games played.

We're happy with the feedback gathered so far and in order to keep a high number of players in the games played, we slowly add more and more players in the testing group. We're about to launch a new wave of keys today or tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

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