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yea i love daemonic infestation as an upgrade
if it needs a buff it would be by increasing the boarding by ship tonnage

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tested it
it does work for assault boats making their crit rate 20%
but its double the crit chance not 100% crit chance

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GW does not allow non 40k stuff in it. Plus, most other sci-fi would be stuck at escort only fleets save for a flagship.

If you are looking for a similar game, Star Wars has Empire at War which is pretty similar, with more 4x and ground options but less actual ship tactics and abilites.

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Hm, where did you find the deployable max fleets for campaign?

Overall is nice, we are trying to get new ships added if possible.

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@skalgrim-fellaxe You might want to go into the UnitSchema and give the Apocalypse another turret, to give it parity with other Imperial BBs.

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Having great fun with the Mod, thanks for releasing it! Loving the new and improved Armagedons (though perhaps too good, think DPS-wise they beat Apocalypses at most ranges now).

Produced a variation on my DPS sheets for this mod, the mod provides some very satisfying changes.

I only have one main gripe... Regular Imp macros seem a little lackluster now considering the buffs to all the other batteries. Results in Dominators, Endeavours and Exorcists being a bit underwhelming in comparison.

Looking forward to seeing more đź‘Ť

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@sybarite -NoEAC just disables the matchmaker, you can still invite friends with any mod that uses this method (as long as you both run the same mod setup).

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It may interest you, I'm working on modifying my DPS sheets to include a Vs Shields toggle option, does highlight that Lances do struggle significantly against shields(Edit: when considered in relation to their respective point cost).

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@skalgrim-fellaxe Well I'm currently developing VI, as you know, and my area is re-balancing which is why I ask the question.

Although I am curious what the general consensus is on how large battles should be. I have reduced prices for a lot of ships (and increased a few, as part of faction redesign), but what's the price range people want? 6 battleships seems excessive to me.

Here's my design philosophy: Battleships/GCs should be rare, so I aim to buff the stats rather than reduce their price so you can bring more. While BCs and lower got dramatic price reductions. I want to stick to that model, but if people really want to bring 6 battleships, then prices would need to be re-evaluated across the board.

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