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@Unster That is the thing - game doesn't alter anything in enviroment, so mud is same under both difficulties. I can't imagine how mapmaker could balance map when such thing as mud depth is altered by difficulty level...

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to add to the previous post by @RiskyWisky

1 - this Topic is on really thin ice since the SpinMod can be Cosidered as a hack to the game and that a breach of the forum rules MudRunner Forum Rules

2 - If for any reason @invalidredneck leaves the forum by x,y,z reasons the adition of any links for the mod will be deleted or hidden until tested by any moderator to avoid issues with virus attacks (optional by the Moderator, I will check for any virus to keep the forum safe)

3 - The opinion of every user must be respected by everyone, regardless of how much it differs from your own, and is not a reason for insult

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yeah there is no fix we can do, we will have to wait for the devs to change the cache files names, his was reported before and yet still nothing has been done

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Hey all.

When i used to make maps (on my old pc) with the OG Editor in the OG game, i used custom models. When i got my new pc, i installed the mudrunner editor and set it up correctly just to find that all of my models from the OG game have transfered over. I realized that this was due to 1, the OG editor and mudrunner editor share the same appdata folder, and 2, i had steam cloud on. I uninstalled it, deleted those files, turned off steam cloud and reinstalled my editor. Still no luck.

I can't place a model on a map without it loading up all of my OG models loading up and it giving me tons of errors.

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@RiskyWisky if they put a lock to the zip , the files wont be loaded by steam or the game, if they give the steam a way to know the code , you could find it in the steam files and get the files from the zip, the best option is to not let the editor be able to load the encripted extensionless files, wich if i recall was the main idea back when the unicorn was "released" by pavel to his russian friend, (who leaked them, same as the betaof every game pavel that does)

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@RiskyWisky its not a bad GPU , my gts 450 its a 2011 model

@Mexican_420 I tried that, it doesnt post even with just the CPU RAM and in recovery mode, still nothing

A friend from Oovee sent me some files, right now im going to my family house with my laptop to see whats can i figure there

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modeled a new roof rack.

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May I ask where you are buying all of these cards that keep dying on you?

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@RiskyWisky If you figure out how to prevent piracy, you will be super rich soon. Many companies are dealing with this on a bit higher level than mod making and so far (AFAIK) with litle or no efect.
I can imagine that seeing somebody selling your own work that you gave for free is superfrustrating, but I don't think there is reasonable solution.
For some reason, I have that impression that all anti-piracy protection strikes hardest fair users those have to wait for verifications and other stuff - not a good deal I think...

BTW, do you know that Witcher 3 is on GOG without any protection at all? Just saying...