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posted in MudRunner - General Discussion

Hello, it's official. We're doing Playtests for MudRunner 2 in March in our office in Paris. Sorry it's in French as we don't expect people to come from abroad for a simple playtest. But you can register if you're ready to come to Paris for a few days 🙂

Tweet is here:

Edit: Note that it's only an early playtest, we're far from a Beta for now.

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback


Could you send us your fleet file where you have this issue please, I can't repoduced it 100% on our side.
It should be located here : C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\SaveGames\CustomFleet

posted in BB2 - Bug Reports


Are your teams still in the Cabalvision Official League or outside it?

There is a filter for experienced team at the level of the league. If your teams come from the Champion Ladder, you have to leave the competition but not the league to be able to register with them to the open ladder.

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