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Developers of Necromunda: Hunderhive Wars and Mordheim: City of the Damned.

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@xii Hello there and thank you very much for your interest in Necromunda Underhive Wars. Everyone who took part in the closed alpha playtest did indeed sign a NDA.
What I can tell you is we gathered a lot of useful feedback and pushed internally to get even more. We are currently hard at work iterating and implementing changes to the game in the hope to bring it to new heights.

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@lovebunyip Thanks for sharing the news! 😍

And yes, Mordheim: City of the Damned is 75% off during the Skulls for the Skull Throne event, check it out!


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@adam_rush29 Amen to that friend! 🙏
Love the support.

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@cfcinhull We do appreciate your enthusiasm and your interest in Necromunda: Underhive Wars. We are doing our very best to create the best possible game we can and we will come forward with a date when the time is right to do so.
We feel it would not serve anyone to talk about the release window before we know we can stick to it while delivering a game we are happy with. That being said, we will have plenty to share when the time comes.
Please bear with us! 😁

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I understand. But like I said we had a closed playtest last February and decided to revisit parts of the game and iterate in general. Of course that impacts our raodmap directly, which is why we haven't provided one so far.

I don't believe it would serve anyone if we created expectations without knowing we can meet them. We'd rather be transparent about the fact we are working on the game relentlessly.

I assure you, when the game's release date is officially announced we'll make as much noise as we can about it so you shouldn't need to be on the lookout to hear about it.

Thanks a lot for being here and bearing with us through development.

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Hey guys, we did not forget about you, but we are deep in development.

The closed playtest we held was super useful, but created the need for more iteration and pushed us to revisit a few things here and there.

Yes, this might lead to a later release, but it will mainly lead to a better game and this is what we are about.

As the dust settles, we will be able to solidify a roadmap and share more with you. Rest assured work moves forward, progress happens daily, and we won't rest until this game's ready to ship.

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Sadly, this information is completely unfounded.

We, at Rogue Factor, have absolutely no clue where this media got this information from, and I can confirm they did not reach out to us to verify.

The thing I can say for sure is that when we do announce our release date, we will spread it widely and in style... there won't be any doubt. 😎

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Hey guys, just wanted to quickly get a word in.

Everything is still possible at this time.

The digital PC game market is shifting quickly and with huge players like Google joining the fray, more changes are bound to happen in the marketplace. We are keeping track of things and will do what is best for the game and our community in the end.

I mean, a few years ago most games were sold in brick and mortar stores... the times, they are a changin. 😃

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@NaloaC We are moving forward and are doing all we can to ensure we will deliver a game on par with our vision. Development is moving forward daily and we will have more info in the following months.

In the short term, I can tell you there's a strong chance we won't be at E3. We are still iterating our our game from the closed playtest we had earlier this year and from internal feedback we are getting form the team. The main takeaway is that we are investing all the time, efforts, and resources we can muster to get this game to bloom into it's best self.

We'll have plenty of things to share with you folks when the time comes. We strongly feel rushing the game out the door would be the wrong thing to do, so bear with us, it'll be worth it.

We also have an official Discord channel where we chat with the community if you'd like to join.

Frank, for the Rogue Factor Team.