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posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Hey Vixie,

This one has been fixed lately, will be deployed in the next patch.

Thank for your report,


posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Thank you for your bug report

It will be fix.

The fix on Living Metal Substructure will not fix max life on your existing escorters but will works properly with all new ships.

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Thank you for your bug report:

It will be fix

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Thank you for bug report.

It will be fix

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Thank you for your bug report.

CSM should apply on DreadClaws.

Now: Apply only on Boarding Action and Lightning Strike skills.
After Fix: Works with all Assault actions

posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Hello @CowGoMoo,

Thank you for your report, we will correct tooltips for All Ahead Full, High Energy Turn and Burn Retros.
However for Eldar Wrathbone Shift and Tyranid Rush, information provided in descriptions are correct even if not exhaustive, as the space inertia is not indicated nor calculated in the tooltip 🙂


posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Great ! Glad that your issue was solved faster than for bfg1 ;).

FIY we're working to implement a fix in the next patch, to avoid using this workaround.
Still, if someone else have the same problem and want to try this, be aware that all the ingame settings will be non initialized. So you will have to go to the options screen, and set all settings one by one to avoid any strange behavior.


posted in BFG:A2 - Technical Feedback

Hello Alexi !

So, the dump files you send us suggest that the problem is linked with the screen resolution and/or the way the engine get and apply the resolution change.

So there's a thing you could try to avoid the game to force a resolution change at launch :
In your %LocalAppData%\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini modify the following line (or add it if needed):

If the game still doesn't launch, you can try to force a windowed mode or a specific resolution by using launch options, that you specify in the game property window in steam :
"-windowed" to force windowed mode
"-ResX=1920 -ResY=1080" to force a specific resolution

Hope that will be enough to workaround your issue. We couldn't reproduce it on our end, so it's pretty hard to know what's going on exactly...

posted in BFG - General Discussion


Are you considering any form of Force Organisation Charts or do you find them unnecessary?

We are investigating different ways for players to diversify their fleets but this an early thought for the moment. Our main objective was to give enough freedom to players to create their own fleets and for the moment we'll stick to this line. Let's see if people change a bit their rosters with the upcoming patches and hotfixes 🙂

posted in BFG - General Discussion


We will exhaustively discuss the subject with the game designers team but to reassure you, the idea behind is not to allow players to fully change their fleet against their opponents.
We will try to find a middle ground between a full fleet change and no change at all, as @Ekko_Tek suggests it.

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