[PC] Bug with Kick skill

During a match today with my team "Black Spice" (DE) vs "Hong Kong Dragons" (Lizards), I had an issue with Kick skill :

  • Turn 8: no problem, I kick the ball with my Kicker player (not on the LOS), I can choose between 2 spots to kick the ball.

  • Turn 16: with my Kicker player (not on the LOS), I choose to kick at the bottom of the field (4 squares from the TD line, 4 squares from the left sideline). But I had not the choice between 2 spots for Kick, only one. And after choice, ball was kicked on the other side of the field (4 squares from the LOS, 4 squares from the right sideliine).

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question because I think I had a similar issue : was you kicker out due to KO or inuuries healed by the apo ?

I had the same issue, I thinki it's due to KO but never been abel to test it again.

No, my player with Kick was not out by KO or injured during the match.

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No, I know how to use correctly my Kicker : not in wide zone, not on the LOS 😉 Always positioned in the middle of the field (generally 3/4 squares behind the LOS).

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