Suggestion for game development: trains and cranes.

I found these videos showing that the game engine allows it and it works. I think this can be a great idea for future game development.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

I think there are a lot of different loading mechanics that would fit in the game, and this looks like it could be fun.

The train however, while a technical modding wonder, I don't think should be in the game. At least not drivable. "On rails" hardly fits the "off road" theme of the game. 😛

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@Lombra Farming Simulator is a game about a farm, crops and cattle, and you can cut trees and drive the trains, so ...

@knight25 Farm sim isn't a offroad sim though, hints the name "Farming Simulator"

not sure about drivable trains, but do like the idea of the ferry for crossing big rivers like i have seen on mod maps.

Already seen a helicopter in SpinTires. But dunno, if that was just a fake 😉

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