Custom & Mixed Teams + Res Format

Unless I missed something (if I did please let me know) it looks like Gold & Star Players/Induce are not modifiable in the custom team creation. This seems kind of odd for rosters that want to use a star player for a res tourney or induce bribes or what-not as it would always rely on the opposing teams TV to get the induce cash for their roster. As the opposing team TV could be more or less for each match it makes it unreliable at best to expect to play the preferred build in a format designed to accommodate this sort of team creation.
EG: I want to use a bribe in my team build for the entirety of the res tourney. The opposing team has 90k more tv than my team. I can't add gold to my petty cash as Custom teams don't have any petty cash after creation that I can find.
Is this in the game & I just missed it or...?

Community Manager

Hi, adding gold to a custom team isn't in the game for now. It's on the community wishlist though, as many players reported it as missing. Have a nice day!

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