Additional option "No time limit" for turn duration

Simple as that - please add an option to disable turn duration/time limit for friendly matches and competitions within custom leagues. Here are some cases when it makes your life more difficult:

  1. When teaching your pal some BB wisdom, it may often take much more than 4 minutes to explain situation on the board, and possible ways to develop it, and unwanted turnover often meddles with it, especially when you are still trying to keep your match close to a real game (like, you just want sometimes be able to stop your normal match and go into details explaining some nuances)
  2. When preparing new formations to use with a team; as we don't have out-of-match editor atm, you need to start a hotseat match, then form and save all setups you plan to use until you'll run out of time provided for setup phase. Sometimes 4 minutes may not be enough for that as well, you need to restart match, or spend some time to score. You may need to prepare some setup layouts beforehand (with pen and paper), to speed up the whole thing. This all doesn't help with usability that much.

There is also strong synergy between it and this other proposal in terms of improvements of game's educational potential. It may be beneficial to community's grows to provide tools making teaching of game's mechanics to other people easier for experienced players, especially in such complex game as this one.

To prevent abuse of this feature (in those cases somebody will decide to use it for regular league plays as well), instead of just making turn time unlimited in this new mode, it could be implemented as it's done on Fumbbl: even if timer has reached the limit, the turn isn't ended right away, but your opponent is allowed to end it anytime, if he/she wants so.

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Perhaps, just adding a new checkbox "End turn at opponent's discretion" to competition's settings which can be used in conjunction with standard turn duration times and will implement mentioned Fumbbl's mechanics, will be the best approach, actually. It may happen to be useful for situations other than teaching rules.

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