Console is going to die without mods

This game is going to die ln console without mods well known gamers have even said this... The normal trucks arnt good enough for what people want to do... Y not just add mods so the game is not stale and boring... Itll be fun for a week then get boring due to same maps and trucks... Its not that hard to just add a mod tool for xbox

Well, you have to know what you're buying and why. You buy a console if you want to be able to pick up any game off the shelf and play it as is, without having to ever think about whether your hardware will play it. If you want to customize, mod, and do whatever you want, you should buy a PC. 😉

Wouldnt be hard to just put the mods in the game...

I'm curious as to where you are sourcing your assumptions from that it would be easy to just pop the mods into the game? Also mods for console would likely require all new tools and scripts to make as the game wont run identically in its core as the PC version since during the porting process there would most likely be some structure changes. I can see in the future the possibility, but for day one the amount of work it would require would delay release. Creating a mod structure/agreement with Sony, and Microsoft, Creating conversion tools and a system for uploading/downloading mods onto the consoles. Its not really a click here and magically mods are on consoles. I can see it happening in the future depending on what sales are like on the consoles and if simple conversion tools are available. But not anytime soon

They could easily have the modding comunity on pc and then microsoft or aony would have to verify it and after that the pc modders would put the mods on a app on a computer that puts the files in the game... Other games have already done this

I don't think you truly understand the work and process involved.

Exactly, far from "easy"
And I am curious to what all games have easily done this, I know so far Fallout and Skyrim have implemented a mod system (both Bethesda). They also have a development team that I can imagine just the online/networking department had more employees than the entire team working on Spintires.

Should atleast add dlc with some lifted trucks...

Do you understand that different games run on different engines and have different processes involved in making things work? Or that different games have differently sized teams working on them? If you want mods, just get a gaming PC. It's so much easier.

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Yes, let's take E-7310 and lift it at least by 1.5m. Maybe 50" rims will suit nicely...
Cool down your jets, hot-shot...

This guy has the right idea it’s like u have to give out a arm and leg to get mods on console the game will get stale really quick with just 19 vehicle and no verification on dlcs they definitely need to add this into console portion kinda unfair that pc players can rebuffed old mods and bring them to new game same could apply to console just give a different port system to give a fighting chance pc players say oh u will be alright it’s bc they trolling. Help us console players have access to great opportunities as well like the did with Skyrim and fallout 4 on both ps4 and xbox

Or they should at least take some of the popular mods on pc and make the dlc for consoles

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For some reason people seem to be acting as if they were told console mods are impossible and never going to happen. Yes it is quite obvious that it is possible and there have been multiple good suggestions throughout this forum as to how Spintires could accomplish mod support, however as many are trying to explain it isn't exactly an easy process which some appear to believe. Even in the Q&A it mentions that mod support will not me implemented at time of release. This does not say there will never be mod support. I'm quite sure the dev team understands that there will be a demand for mods on console, but at this stage of development priorities would likely be focused solely on releasing a smooth and bug free game for Oct 31. Deadlines are deadlines and they can only do so much from now until then. For all we know they may already have a partial system in place but have kept it to themselves until everything is 100% operational.

@kourtjestr hey u *** *** farm sim 17 and spintires is made by the same team get ur facts straight before coming in here and acti g all technical... Ur the *** person ive found on this whole comunity

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@shotgunmafia tbanks for the help theres alot of salty people on here that dont understand that these devs have already made a system for implementing mods...

People make it sound like its so hard to convert files to a different format and put it in the game... *** ***... If it works on pc it would work on console it dosnt have anything to do with the game engine it has to do with the fact they dont want to put the work in to do it... I hate all pc players because they thi k there so much better then everyone else because they can do mods and get other things then console and that goes for all games.... This game has on of the saltiest communitys ive seen

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Why all the concern with mods? Game can be completed in hardcore using the same truck all the time? Not saying it’s a good thing, just what’s the big deal?

I think we have plenty of vehicles, camera and user interface is the only problem with this game.


Two things:
1: There is absolutely no call to be rude. Be polite and respectful. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.
2: Game engine and development team are not equivalent. Yes, I understand that the some of the people working on Farm Sim are also working on Mudrunner (at least the company, if not the same teams of people). However, that doesn't mean that they run on the same engine or in the same way. For instance, look at all of the tracked vehicles in Farm Sim, and Pavel's repeated statements that tracks aren't even on the plans at the moment for Mudrunnner. Terrain deformation is different. Basically, everything is different. And I didn't say mods aren't possible. I just said that different game engines have different modding requirements, and that it may or may not work the same. No need to get so salty just because you didn't like what I said.

consoles is mainly to fund and support the game. the people playing games like this on consoles are going to play for 2 hours and put it away. the reality is, porting to consoles has always been a financially motivated decision. the devs need more money which can be used to further develop the game. maybe they will create more content for consoles in the future as well.

@clarionhorn said in Console is going to die without mods:

consoles is mainly to fund and support the game. the people playing games like this on consoles are going to play for 2 hours and put it away. the reality is, porting to consoles has always been a financially motivated decision. the devs need more money which can be used to further develop the game. maybe they will create more content for consoles in the future as well.

While I don't own it on console, I really hope they do continue to support (no reason to doubt) and add mod and map support as well. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're probably right about how long anyone is going to want to play vanilla Mudrunner.

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Can't see any good reason to go emotional here. Please stay calm and open for discussion - discussion means listen to points of your oponent too.

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I seriously doubt about any attempt from DEVs to "punish" console users by restriction of modding. Its just native function of PC to be MOD-friendly and opposite for console.

I never was a console user, but based on what I catched on the internet:
There are some "certifying procedures" that mod (any content) on console have to go thru. If nothing else, that brings complications on its own.
Technically it is not that simple as "copy PC mod into console" and voila...! There are some differences! As you may know, games for any console can't run on PC and otherwise.

This is price that console pays for its "simple to use" approach.
Console is just another computer, just with unified HW, SW and as such it demands specific approach from provider of content (any).

But my knowledge on this is a bit vague, so correct me if I've done some mistake 🙂

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Oh dude PLS dont tell me you said that 4 real. "... and after that the pc modders would put the mods on a app on a computer that puts the files in the game..."
They can also do that themselves.

Saved on the hardware and still want to play with the big one?
Is the same as with his stock Trabant to participate in a race and then demand that the opponent starts without gasoline.


No you are right. A Console is just a LowSpec PC. (you want a cheap Ready2Rund build for gaming get a Console.)

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As an Xbox player I don't think that the console version will die without mods, but I hope that the dev. team won't abandon the game and will release many content DLCs for Mudrunner in the following years.

Maybe they could integrate the best quality and most popular PC mods into DLCs too - of course with all the necessary legal actions between devs and modders. For every game there are some mods that are as good quality as official content - for mods like this I'm willing to pay for. (Official quality: detailed and complete 3D model and high res. texturing, all game features are working without glitches - like animations, dirt build-up, etc, has its own engine sound samples and own physics parameters.)

It would be awesome if the dev. team would stick around Mudrunner for a while making new content before starting to make a new game.

@redriot Well said without any demand.

Yeah hope this will be the way to put well balanced and some fun vehicles as DLC out for you guys.

No worrys on MudRunner cause Spintires has/had a great community.

@checkmypixel There is a game called Automation (car company simulator). It's not released yet but I follow the making progress of the game. The developers of the game - a small crew similar to the SpinTires team - took the help of the community and the best mods will be included in the full release. Even now there are some really good looking cars made by modders built into the pre-release version.

So I guess there must be a way to transform the very best mods into official content in the case of Mudrunner too.

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When both sides - modder and developer - agreed, why not?
But still, there is question of design ownership. When you make some existing car (IMHO only suiting this game) there is some company, that owns that design. Therefore there are those "modified grills" on all stock trucks...

@sodoma Well, I haven't thought about that but maybe there is a work-around for that. The modders could make some changes on the original vehicle designs. For example a nice Mercedes Unimog appears on a PC mod website - the devs test it and contact the maker of the mod: "We would like to include your mod in our upcoming DLC - but please make a different front panel and radiator grille for the truck - similar to the stock trucks in the base game." Or something like that. 🙂

If they can have mods for Skyrim, why not this?

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