Inaccurate passes that are caught by your own team do not give you Star Player Points

Just played a match Ogres vs Underworld and i threw the ball in was inaccurate however my gnobler caught the ball and it was not a completion !!! why is that???

should have been one, as my turn did not end as the ball did not hit the ground...

kind regards


No, for SPP to be awarded the pass has to be accurate. It's only a turnover if the ball doesn't end up in one of your players' hands. That means there are 3 possible end-states to a pass: accurate and you have it (SPP and no turnover), inaccurate/incomplete and you have it (no SPP and no turnover), fumbled/inaccurate and you don't have it (no SPP, turnover).

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  • accurate and (due to the designated catcher not being able to hold onto it) somebody else on your team catching the scatter (no SPP and no turnover)
  • fumbled and somebody catching the scatter (no SPP, turnover)

Oh, and of course accurate and failed catch, scatter not caught (no SPP, turnover). Just for the sake of completeness 😉

alright good to know that ends that argument..

@dode let me know when you decide to let a completion count for when a gnobler or any player that can be thrown with the ball count as a completion if he lands... i would like to see that, its hard enough just to throw the buggers :>0

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