Notification when match is found

Would it be possible to add a notification of some sort (sound or window 'blink') when opponent is found and your match is ready to begin?

I tend to alt-tab and browse the web or do other stuff while I'm waiting for the game to find me an opponent, and sometimes the Inducements phase ticks past due to this.

It would be great if the window could blink - or if there was a sound informing you opponent has been found. This could of course be an option - that can be enabled/disabled from the menu for those who think such things are annoying.

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+1 Good idea.

I have also the same problem: requesite frequent ALT-TAB between my browser or other apps and BB2 Game window to see if a matchup was found. I know many players who conceded some matchs during the Inductements phase because they don't see the matchup.

Add a pop-up or a graphic notification would be a very good improvement.

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I agree with this. It would be nice to have some kind of notification.

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+1. Was suggested a long, long time ago...

+1. How many times this has happened to me I can't even begin to count ...

If you're going to have a potentially 5 minute long timer that displays NO update during the countdown, the least that could be provided is the notice that the timer has elapsed...


Also, I don't know what to write to get the minimum of 8 symbols, that I need for that post.

It alreadt exists.. Jim & Bob announce 'match found' & 'the match is about to begin'
when search has matched you.

This has been mentioned MANY times, with the usual l response being - 'i always mute jim&bob'

well.. my advice is don't buy an alarm clock & refuse to put batteries in it.
(you can alway then mute J&B once match begins).

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I still think there is another issue with relying on Jim and Bob, except for the fact you need to mute/unmute/change volume of their voices constantly this way: for those who don't usually mute them, they become sort of embient sound. You often just ignore them without even noticing. So in a usual scenario, when you span up MM and ALT-TABed to read or watch something while it at work, it's very likely you'll just miss such kind of notification being engrossed into some article, or won't hear them at all, listening to some podcast.

Having a separate, very distinctly, sharp sounding alarm, with its own volume slider would be very useful.

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@mercy-flush An alarm clock that is constantly going off at around the same volume isn't very useful. We need something that will alert the coach that something important is happening.

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