First off i want to say well done on such a great game but you do need to make some of the aspects of the game a bit easier to understand!. I know some people are going to say im a dumb ass but... really. Ok tell me if i am.

So i roll into a game with undead where he has a higher tv than me and a very powerful team, i get over 100k to help me out, and i see a rat ogre in the mercs. So it says underneath the rat ogre only 1 allowed. So i click it and buy it (you know where this is going) and then load into the game... no rat ogre, only my own. So the game didnt bother to tell me the only 1 wasnt only 1 to buy. It was ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE TEAM!!! But there is no where in the game where it tells you this. So im quite upset, i had to concede the game for the first time i can recall and i get a loss. I wasnt in any mood to play the game after this.

I would hope that you just add a bit more information and some tool tips into the game which make a bit of sense, there are loads of other things like this. Remember not all of us have played bb for years etc.

I just think this would be a great idea to encourage new players and level the playing field a little bit.

Not to be all negative loving the game so sorry for the rant as a first post on this new forums! Thanks again all. N let me know if it was obvious and im just being a dumb ass.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

This is the Blood Bowl rulebook (pdf download). It will probably answer most of your questions (most, because this game is not 100% faithful, but for your purposes as an apparent beginner it will certainly do).

That said, the UI could be more helpful in that respect.

Hi Dom,

Up until the release of LE it was indeed a feature that it would automatically let you
know if you had selected an inducement that couldn't be used in the match.
If this is no longer happening then it is something that has come in with the new LE patch
& should be looked into reinstating. I sympathise with your situation.
No one should have to memorise what can & can't be taken during inducements in order to
avoid losing out on spending available gold.

I'd recommend reposting this in the bugs reporting subsection of this forum.

Thanks guys, i got over it now just about :p

I will post it into that forum and thanks for the rulebook link that will be helpful!

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