Switch the position of the teams in team management

This is something that personally bugs me, since the teams are ordered as they are created, I would love it if you added an option so you can organize them manually.

Blood Bowl Moderator

This feature already exists, go into team (roster) page and there is a button that says switch, click on player click switch and then click on another player or an empty slot.


BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

That's players, @gcoleman76. I think he means being able to swap the order in which your teams appear on the little carousel thing. I think it would be useful, tbh.

While we're wishing for things, I'd also like maybe filters like in friendlies to select team race, but for Single Player, Multiplayer, and Eternal League.

Having, at least, some filters would be nice.

Blood Bowl Moderator


Thanks for the clarification, that would be cool.

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