Switch the position of the teams in team management

This is something that personally bugs me, since the teams are ordered as they are created, I would love it if you added an option so you can organize them manually.

This feature already exists, go into team (roster) page and there is a button that says switch, click on player click switch and then click on another player or an empty slot.


That's players, @gcoleman76. I think he means being able to swap the order in which your teams appear on the little carousel thing. I think it would be useful, tbh.

While we're wishing for things, I'd also like maybe filters like in friendlies to select team race, but for Single Player, Multiplayer, and Eternal League.

Having, at least, some filters would be nice.


Thanks for the clarification, that would be cool.

hi @Netheos I know this is an old thread, but rather than reiterate the request I figured I'd reply here:
this is a very high impact quality of life change that should be relatively effort-light on the development side. Some form of sorting teams that isn't "date of creation" would be super helpful. I've listed a few suggestions below, in order of (my personal) preference. Of course ideally coaches would have access to all of these options and be able to sort according to their method of preference, as in most modern applications, but in my opinion implementing ANY single one of these would solve most or all of the mess that is the current team list.

-Teams can be stickied by the coach, to be listed before non-stickied ones
-Teams that are currently in a competition go first in the list, followed by those in a league but not in a competition, followed by those in neither league nor competition.
-All teams are sorted by when they last played a match (most recent first)
-Complete manual sorting by coach

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Being able to sticky teams would be awesome!

Sage's suggestions are sound. Anything to help with sorting through teams would be of great benefit.

Perhaps, to add another filter, a "teams with actions pending" would prompt/present the player with all the teams awaiting things like player leveling up [although who doesn't do this right away], player replacement and so on.

I appreciate that the little golden chevron icon indicating players are ready for leveling exists but that still means manually checking through/across all the created teams.

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