A. Please provide a Microsoft DirectX diagnostic report:

  1. Press the keys Windows Start (bottom left) and 'R' from the keyboard to open the 'Run dialog box' and type: DXDIAG
  2. Click the button 'OK'.
  3. Click the button 'Save All Information...'.
  4. Save the file 'DxDiag.txt' and close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

B. Please provide the most recent crash dump of the game:

  1. Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
  2. Open the Local Disk '(C:)' under 'Computer' or 'This PC'.
  3. Open the folder 'Users' then the folder of your Windows username.
  4. Open the folder 'AppData' (*) then the folder 'Local'.
  5. Open the folder ' BattleFleetGothic' then the folder 'Saved' and the folder 'Logs'.
  6. Right click on the folder 'UE4CC...' and click 'Send To' then 'Compressed (zipped)'.

Send in attachment the 'DxDiag.txt' file and the 'UE4CC...' compressed '.zip' file for investigation to: support@focus-home.com

VERY IMPORTANT: Please provide a description of the problem in your report.

(*) The 'AppData' folder is an hidden folder by default, to view this folder:

Click 'Organize' from the top left then 'Folder and search options'.
Click the tab 'View' and check 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' under 'Hidden files and folders' from 'Advanced Settings'.
Click the button 'OK'.

Click the tab 'View' and check 'Hidden items'.