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I recently bought the game and made a team to play in a league. I played one game and then spent around 30 minutes waiting for another match so I decided to leave the league and play in the Cabal Vision league. It said I couldn't take a team that's played a match so I deleted the team and was going to recreate it in that league. But when I went to recreate the team it said it was already taken.

I deleted the team and tried to recreate it within 20 seconds or so, so I can't imagine anyone else took the name especially since i played one opponent with that team. Is this just part of the game where once you name a team you can't ever use that team name again?

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Under BB1 once a team name had been used, anywhere by anyone, that name couldn't be used again.

I assume the same under BB2.


Sounds odd. You can definitely reuse a team name after you deleted the old one (I do that all the time). Is it possible that you had a spelling error in the first version of the team?

A simple fix: The check whether a name already exists, does consider spaces, so you can just modify the name by adding spaces somewhere (e.g. beginning or end) to make it unique

I think I also had this kind of issue at some point, I couldn't use the name of team I'd deleted shortly before that. Somebody should test it, perhaps. Though, on a double-thought, there probably could be some issues if this is allowed. Like confusions when the old team is no more, but some people still remember them (as some championships' winners etc) and somebody else uses its exact name for another team.

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I have definitely deleted teams and recreated new teams with the team name of the team I just deleted. Many times.

May be you need to allow your client to synchronise with the server. Did you try to log out log back in . Or restart the game?

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