A question regarding the blood bowl 2 legendary edition upgrade

I bought blood bowl 2 on a disk for ps4, so if i bought the legendary edition upgrade off the store, would it work with the cd or would i have to buy the whole game again but off the playstation store? Also another thing... if i DID get the legendary edition off the store and got the races pack, would i be able to use these races offline or would i still have to be online to use them like in the regular edition?

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Presumably your game is registered on Steam? If so take a look at the game's page in your library and the DLC should be an option. Everything works through Steam and can be played offline.

@dode74 my bad. i meant to say i got this off the playstation store

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Ah, my apologies: I assumed. I have no idea how it works on PS.

@dode74 its no prob, either i will get the answer or will just have to figure it out myself

You can buy the legendary edition upgrade and play with the old vanilla disc, I'm doing it myself.
I never play offline though, so I don't know what would happen, but I would assume all teams would be available.

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@Sephiroth ok, thanks for telling me! that saves a lot of time for me.

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