High RPM usually kills the Engine in real life, Spintires should acknolege this two

One of the most noticable issues that Spintires ended up with is a vehicle that drives @ high RPM, when the needle is in the red zone. Basically in real life that would kill your engine within a few days if you kept going like that. This is a very important aspect of playing spintires, driving at the right RPM settings and hearing the vehicle purr. I get very worried when driving around in spin tires knowling the engine will blow up any minute....

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I've asked probably exactly this thing on discord long (relatively) time ago and this is what I've received (official source):
"Engine emulation is still the same at its core, there is still no "tension-o-meter". But there are many improvements both to the behaviour of the vehicle (tension relative to pedal input) and to sound effects (loudness relative to RPM). There are some plans for future improvements in patches too."

Nice find, I was unsure about what is happening at all. but what about SpinTires 2011, didn't that have some sort of "tension-o-meter" ?

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It has (guess by pictures, I wasn't part of comunity that far ago).
But based on what I've received (previous post) they (DEV team) already know about this problem and already did some improvements. And probably will make some others.
Right now, we can't receive more, I think.
Just wait and we will see (hopefully)...

I also agree with @Gabe_3-0

Also, Where do I find this discord @Sodoma?

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Search forum, thread is called "Focus Interactive Official Discord with Spintires Mudrunner channel "...

There is also weird mechanics of simulating fuel usage. It only uses fuel when moving. Reving engine high is not consuming fuel.

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