Same goblin skin for chainsaw star players (PS4) and other ugly skins.

Ok. Not premium for all star players but

The same goblin skin for chainsaw star players (PS4)? very very ugly...
Flint is a darf
Helmut is human
Hack is an skeleton
Max is chaotic human
Nobbla is ok
Rashnak is a hoggoblin
Ugroth is an orc

And please,

  • Bertha is a woman, ugly, ogre....but a woman
  • Alibab bad stabs with no stab WTF!!
  • Boomer´s skin is a goblin in the game but he is a dwarf

and its only for the skins....
the game is fully of annoying issues...

So sad...

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Hi, Blood Bowl 2 features all LRB6 Star Players since the release of the Legendary Edition, but they don't all have a dedicated skin.

Given the content list for Legendary, the team couldn't create a dedicated model for each of the 30 new Star Players, but we chose to prioritize gameplay by still adding all of them with standard models.

More dedicated skins might arrive in the future, but we decided to give the option to use all Star Players to coaches first.

Have a nice day!

Thank you so much for the information and the quick response

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