So, when do we get the new race?

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Well where do I start well lets look at orks for one
cheap ships, that are slow with short range= zaaap spam with torpedo's and take the favour for nova cannon take belt armour or just zaaap spam with the bad moons favour for 2 crits at long range, but then that what happens when you take a braw fleet and make it slow

Now is just a stealth fleet with high speed and the best bombers so run around all day trying not to get beaconed and just piss of your oppent, also did the Alaitoc all map free crit ever get fixed or is that still a thing?

I don't even no where to start really........

Space marines
Only thing holding them together is boarding torps spam which is just piff and battle barges other than that they need some help.

Imp and chaos their not to much really cheese about them their are some thing I can say but not to the level of those and even still thay can be change and buff at the same time.

Would be nice to hear if they will start doing balance patchs again?

OK, so every race is underpowered, eh? Except Imperials and Chaos, apparently.

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@Romeo The steam stats for this game speak for its current state... without modding or new campaigns the only replay value it has is multiplayer, its a hole they dug for themselves and i don't see the numbers that would suggest they could validate investing in its current iteration. if they want to bring enough people back to go down that avenue there probably gonna have to please some whiners. I did see somewhere on this forum a suggestion for crowd funding new content which i think is probably the greatest idea! that is the logic i followed to my previous statement.

Except Multiplayer means sweet f-all to a publisher or developer. Especially a strategy developer, where the community is a minority ranging from 30% (Starcraft II) to 2% (Ashes of the Singularity) that have ever even tried to do multiplayer.

And again, they could balance the game within an inch of its life, wouldn't matter, you'd still get whining about how the races play too similar now. It's a completely wasted effort on their part.

Well lets just wait and see what happens I guess that all we can do

@Romeo except they have put effort into nothing... at least putting effort into multiplayer would show some level of commitment to making it more than it is... last update was when? i mean seriously your argument only holds water when there is something else to focus on... no one told them to not mod no one told them to stop making storied content they did it to themselves and they need to show effort in ANY realm before anyone will take them seriously. balancing frankly is the easiest area for them to do something... and lets not forget that they pushed this multiplayer competition thing so obviously it means more to them than you are suggesting. your examples of starcraft 2 ill point to modding and multiplayer as at least viable if its your cup of tea and ashes seems to be releasing storied content at a decent pace.

@duderface Or it makes perfect sense, when you consider that continuing to update stuff costs money, of which they aren't making more of. At least content (Such as a new race) could be sold. What are they going to do about multiplayer, sell the patch that balances it?

every day of inactivity drives the game further from memory... sad facts are still facts if they don't try to maintain now then why would i think they would be interested in maintaining later and there problems are not solely multiplayer ill point to planetary defense bug that has been there forever... inactivity is unjustifiable in a game that is to be expanded upon its only viable when the game is dead.