Game Crashes Can a concede be deleted from my record?

I'm wondering if a concede be removed from my record?

I was playing a game when I got the waiting for Server message follwed by Connection Interuppted, despite having no internet issues at my end. I restarted the game to force it to reconnect, but it crashed twice after entering the game and reconnecting. I restarted my PC but by this point I had conceded the match.

Normally I wouldn't mind however this team was a) winning and b) undefeated, I also don't want it to count towards my concede limit of 5.

Happy to provide any logs required and have any SPP from the match removed.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

We don't remove any such records. This sort of thing is the reason there is a limit of 5: if connections were always perfect the limit would likely be lower.

Thanks for the respnse. I suspected as much, but didn't hurt to ask. It wasn't so much the connection issue as the 2 game crashes after that was really annoying.


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