Gameplay and Gang speculation video
  • Hey buddies

    I've taken the liberty to roam through the rulebook and here are my speculations on the content of the game!

    Youtube Video

    Let me know what you think, am I on track or totally off?!

    Thanks for watching, see you soon!

  • First of all, nice vid.

    I think you might be quite on track with your especulation, but for now nothing is settled. I like the ammo rules and the chance to jam weapon and having your ganger unjam his weapon, but instead of an accuracy debuff let it be better a random minor debuff to either accuracy or damage. As well, i would like that they make weapons be able to shoot several times before having to reload instead of single shot like the ones in Mordheim. Would they also add ammo supply to the gangers? Because that would make ranged fight something that can't become a sniper fight. As well, something i would like is different kinds of ammo and depending on the ammo, the weapon would have higher chances of jamming or not.

    Stealth is something i also like, and i would like to see it expanded with some mechanics that would allow you also to move in stealth at the cost of movement range and certain options to lay ambushes, like steam vents to hide in.

  • @Game-kNight Enjoyed the video, I think being able to shoot into melee combat is pretty important - with a chance to hit your own units, this makes for more interesting and balanced combat.

    As for gangs I'd like to see in the game, I'm really hoping for Pit Slaves - they've got some fun weaponry and a unique look about them. I'd also like to see Enforcers or Spyrers as they're both high-tech and field a small but powerful warband which I personally prefer to larger warbands.

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