Now that Unreal 4 officially supports SLI (As of February 2017) any chance we will see this in game?

I, also would like to know-the current nVidia profile is single-gpu, would be nice to enable AFR and actually get some use out of the second card.

Ok - after some testing, I can confirm that as of 24th October 2017 SLI does not work.

It does generate activity on both cards if you Force AFR, but it chops your frame rate in half. So for now the default Single GPU Sli profile is the way to go 😞

... I should point out that despite the lack of SLI the performance overall is OK. I am running a pair of old nVidia 780m’s, and am still able to run most of the settings on High, except for Shadows and Post. Horde fights drop my FPS down to the 20-30 range (sometimes lower) but the that appears to be not directly related to video card or cpu power, as covered by others.

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