The ask a question thread!?!

Wanted to ask some questions of the pros and thought that I would make it so anyone can ask in here for help and advice! Would be a good place to get knowledge.

First off I can't see any info here but is the hail Mary pass rolled for or it just lands and scatters. Also would people around the ball carrier make this harder?

Secondly can you crowd surf with grab?

And last for now as an agility team would you say it's best to kick or receive first?

Thanks all.


Not sure if there are pros here but i will try to answer.

-HMp is rolled because it can still fumbble, any people around the ball adding -1

-you can choose not to use grab, allowing you to surf

-there's no easy answer to me, both have their counterparts, also depends on the skill on the teams i guess.

Good article here about it :

Great reply thanks. For me I feel receiving is best as a soft team as you get to fight on your terms and score. Where in defence I seem to get a beating. Hahah thanks for the link I'll check it.

Point 3.
If you receive you need to try to damage the team before scoring so you can create gaps in their defense. Once you score you give them a shot at a possible 1-2 minimum (Usual strategy ) unless you somehow managed to stall long enough.
Once you kick OR if you kick then you expose your team to heavy damages loosing players fast. Reducing your defense wall to shred. And once they score ,if they haven t got the ball again due to second half you may not have enough players to do proper drive.
At the end of the day it depends your skill set and your tv.

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@ungern said in The ask a question thread!?!:

-HMp is rolled because it can still fumbble, any people around the ball adding -1

No, nothing modifies HMP. From the FAQ:

  • Q: Can you use the Pass skill to re-roll a fumbled Hail Mary Pass? Do
    tackle zones or Disturbing Presence affect a Hail Mary Pass roll?
    A: Yes, you can use Pass to re-roll. No, nothing modifies a Hail Mary
    Pass roll … it is always a 2+ roll.

It does, however, fumble on a natural 1.

Point 3.

There are other thoughts and many of them are probably valid.

But unless I only have 11 players and my opponent only has 11 players I usually prefer to kick with agility teams (and most teams in general). As dragonloup said, its easy to walk right into a 2-1 grind by receiving. If they manage to force you to score early, you're now using an AG team to defend for possibly the next 12 turns. If you have lots of ball hunting skills that may be great, but a lot of times it just means you get ground down.

I would rather my opponent be in that position. When you get the ball first there is a lot of pressure to score and knock out some players. If either of those doesn't go great you can really be at a disadvantage. Though if they do manage to score on turn 8 and knock out several players you may be in trouble as well...

Points for kicking first:

  • It's easier to defend with 11 players, something AG teams may not have in the second half
  • It forces the other team to attempt to have to not only score, but do it in as many turns as possible while also trying to damage your players. It can be difficult to safely control the ball and mount a damaging offense.
  • Even if they do score many AG teams have a decent rate of success at two or one turn touchdowns, and going into the half tied is a nice advantage
  • If you are able to stop their drive and score you'll have a large advantage being up a score and getting the ball to start the 2nd half

Points against:

  • Those LOS hits can really hurt many AG teams
  • If you lost several players on the first drive it can completely decide the game
  • Bash teams have a harder time scoring quick, so even if you score half way through the half it could put them in a position where they need to throw or do other risky things, and you could capitalize on it.

What other points are worth discussing?

@dode74 said in The ask a question thread!?!:

No, nothing modifies HMP. From the FAQ:

It does, however, fumble on a natural 1.

Right, i was mistaking. Thanks Dode.

When it comes to inducements, if you are the more expensive player and pick yours first. If you say spent 100k of your own money, does that get added to make the opponents inducements even more?

ps amazing points on the drive guys. I think I change my mind dependant on looking at the opponent now. If they are a fighting team i prefer to kick, as they need to use some players to get the ball and screen so i can fight them while they do that.

I think im slowly getting the hang of when to kick or recieve, but as you said sometimes when kicking you can get a beating (just happened to me vs vampires).

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The weather roll can affect choice too. If it's one of the results that nerfs pickup or passing, let the other guy deal with it!

Yeah weather makes a huge difference, if its raining then im kicking to you!

When the game match makes for you, how big a difference does it allow in team value? Will it try to get a team close to you and then as time goes on pick a team with a different tv if it cant find one?

Whats the max difference in tv or isnt there one?

Thanks again for all the replies!

@Dominico : The client start to countdown for a match from the first player who spin a team. The draw for match up is always picked up 5 min after the first person start spinning. If you join the queue you will see a lower waiting time than 299sec ...It will then look for the closest match to your team and your track record to find a similar level coach/team . The more players spinning better the result. The max tv difference allowed atm is 500. Vodoomike and dode will certainly send you back to a more in depth explanation

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Ok thanks. Difference 500k I'm guessing you mean.

If I have a 1500 tv team and my opponent 1200tv. In the inducements I spend 100k of my own cash.
Does my opponent get 300k inducement or 400k? I know this rarely happens but I'm interested to know.

@Dominico said in The ask a question thread!?!:

If I have a 1500 tv team and my opponent 1200tv. In the inducements I spend 100k of my own cash.
Does my opponent get 300k inducement or 400k? I know this rarely happens but I'm interested to know.

Money spent on inducements by the overdog (up to 150k) will be added to the underdog's inducements.
So in the given example it will be 400k.

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