Let's have some RULES when repairs take place

Here's another area where previous SpinTires failed at. Repairs. It happens in a blink of an eye. If this was an RPG game sure, but this is a Simulator, previous devs didn't think about this issue. I also concluded that if you have a trailer with repair points that can also help you repair your car or others. Long trailers weren't considered for this action. A sucessfull simulator can target specifically what do you want to repair on the car. Or do a full repair. Repairs times are going to be an intresting discussion because this is a not a race car simulator but you don't want to spend a whole day looking at the screen. Each part of the car that is damaged would take time to repair and then you would have an estimate, Maybe you might have to wait the whole day but that's game time which you can use fast forward if you wish. Another important topic in regards to the experience with SpinTires

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I am starting to suspect you, that you are trying to turn this off-roading simulator into Waiting simulator.
Watching progressbar of maintanance is not a thing I want to. Yes, you can set it up that way, that in-game time will be skipped, but what will be solution in MP? You can't skip in-game time just of one player...

Setting up a possibility of repair/refill just certain amount will be sufficient improvement. Waiting is not a thing that needs its own simulator...

Yes that is the downside of a Simulator but it's the nature of the game itself. To experience everything and to do that you have to accept waiting is part of it. But if the waiting was exciting and dynamic then it wouldn't be so bad. Thats why the blance of waiting and gameplany excitment is tricky.

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Yes that is the downside of a Simulator but it's the nature of the game itself. To experience everything and to do that you have to accept waiting is part of it.

And the upside of a game is that you don't have to deal with pointless stuff that no one likes. This game simulates vehicles and some related physics. It is not a management game or a truck mechanic game.

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But if the waiting was exciting

No offence but I can't take this part seriously. 😛 I would be okay with a novelty five second timer to repair stuff. Any longer than that and it just becomes annoying. Time doesn't really matter in this game, so artifical delays are pointless. They don't add any gameplay, and they certainly don't add any fun. Even if time did matter I would still find delays like this annoying.

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Generally I agree.
BUT: what do you expect this waiting procedure will bring into a gameplay? I can't imagine such thing, by me, it will be just annoying...
Exciting and dynamic waiting, I can imagine only as some kind of minigame, clicking on bolts to dismantle wheel or something, but again - this game is about something else. I like to have driving expirience with REASONABLE depth of its details, cheating on alcoholtester during police-check is a bit out of range, even if it might be regular part of life.
But if you are interested, that game already exist, car-mechanic simulator 2017 or something like that...

I'm confused. You want to wait a day to repair a truck, but don't need a hospital to heal yourself after rolling a logging truck down a hill end over end eight times? 😉 No, we don't need this. Instant repairs are fine.

here is a better idea if you want to go that route.

Damage: have repair take time, so for example every point is 0.5 minutes, so 60 points of damage would skip a half hour of ingame time, 120 points in damage would skip a hour of ingame time. this way it feels like the repair takes time rather than being instant.
or you can make every point of damage be 1 min, so 60 points would be a hour, 120 points would be 2 hours.

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That doesn't work in MP though, Skull. It's not a repairing sim, it's a trucking sim. I'd like to see incremental amounts, instead of all or nothing, but I just don't see a need for more than that.

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I'm still not getting point WHY...
Why there should be (or precisely "you want to have") this waiting procedure? What that should bring into gameplay?
Previously, there were a MOD maps, that you can play for ten hours, until fulfilling all objectives, so playtime is wonderfull. There is no need to prolong it even more, and if so, than not this way.
Nobody wants to spend half of evening by stareing at PC screen and waiting until something happen and you can't use skipping gametime, because of MP...

@kourtjestr with my idea it wouldn't be waiting it would still be instant, except it skips in game time depending on how much you damaged the vehicle, it doesn't have to be in MP but it could work in SP

@Sodoma the feature does not have to be in MP, it can just be a SP exclusive feature.

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Imagine if truck is 100% damaged then you must tow it to garage and there you would have some mechanic hired and then you left your truck there and it would take 12-24 in game hours to repair it 🙂 But games gameplay would need to be redone and with economy and big map it would be plausible. Like in Farming Simulator where you can manage your career.

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I think that if implemented the right way, it can be very interesting. Look at it this way:
You have a damaged truck and repairing it would take 1-3 (around 5 mins in real life) in game hours to repair. Then you do not have to sit still and watch the progress bar. You can be enywhere else doing any other thing you have/want to do and when the repair is finished, then you can go and continue using the truck. Also, you could cancel the repair, and even so, the truck would keep the already repaired progres. For eg. You start repairing a truck that is 100% damaged and it would take 5 mins (real life time) to fully repair. After 2 minutes you decide to stop the repair and the damage of the vehicle would be 60%. You can start using the truck anyway.
Understand? It can be even implemented to work only as part of the Hardcore mode, like the differential lock restriction in current spintires or the obligation of loading the logs with the crane.

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