Variable ageing rule

Some players like match making, other resurrection format like on table top tournaments, but there is also the permanent leagues.

Some argue BB wasn't ever made for such leagues, as teams reach TV2000 + and games are less fun when you have level 6 black orcs everywhere.

Many leagues have had debates to reset leagues now and then, or to reset old players.

Ageing rule is a nice option for permanent leagues. It goes something like this : players start aged 17-19, age 1 year every 8 games played, and begin retiring age 31.
However, with such a system old players will quit their team after about a hundred games, which is quite a lot comparing to the community's wishes.

So my question is, would it possible in BB2LE to give to league admins control on the number of games in the Ageing year (8 at the moment) ? When a league admin selects the Ageing option, he would also have the possibility to change that number (8), to 5 for exemple.

It seems to me the dev time for that improvement could be quite short (replace that fixed value in the code by a parameter set in a new league management field parameter box, default value to 8, and allow it to be changed when no competitions are running) for a big league value as it's considered a key to permanent league playability.

Thanks for reading.
(Yes it was on the old forum, but is a much awaited rule)

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for reposting your suggestion here. It's still on the community wishlist, although I wouldn't say it's in the top.

It would be nice to add this option, but I have to warn you that you're the only coach asking for it, hence its low priority.

Have a nice day!

Well, let me bring my support to this demand then.
It's very low priority on my list too though, but better low than none 😉

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Here's my support for a rez format with SPPs and ability to have faster ageing for attrition.

Altering the rate of ageing would be spiffy for Rez + Development leagues... or implementing the redrafting system from BB2016 as a replacement for ageing would also be nice.

There's a lot of worry that unopposed development in a rez environment will lead to problems, so.. we need to have options that let people limit that development on some level in order to help them out with those fears (which may or may not be legitimate).

@VoodooMike said in Variable ageing rule:

or implementing the redrafting system from BB2016 as a replacement for ageing would also be nice.

I'm voting for this with 2 my hands and one leg. And please implement the rest of BB2016/DZ as well after that 😉

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