Adding coach names to Cabal TV

I like to watch matches on Cabal TV. I would like to target high level champ ladder matches but it is very hard to see these matches as you need to familiarized yourself with the team names. It would be nice to see the coach names on the "Game Card" (IDK what to call it) when you are searching for games as this is how i could see which good players are playing at the moment. Also, I am not sure how (if possible) to search for all current champ ladder games.


@LuckyLuckLuc Don't you just keep "Live" active and type in the league name "Champs Super Duper League," or whatever the actual name of it, in the search box? Or does that bring up Open results as well if Champs and Open are two different comps in one League?

It brings up just all the games in the cabal league, there isn't even enough space to type in "Champion Ladder XI" in the search box.

If you go into the comp, can you click on schedule and see current games there? I'm not sure if they only show up there after a completed game though.

Welp, I'm stumped. Just need Jimmy, Seanyy, Sage, and other streamers to stream 24 hours a day just showing Champ Ladder games all day.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Can you search for coach names on goblinspy in order to get their team names?

Yes you can, it is just long and tedious. Generally, if i want to find a good live champ ladder match, i type in random coach names and see if they are playing, or twitch or look through the list of all current matches and hope that I recognize a team name. Putting the coach names on the game cards would make for searching for live games of skilled players you know much easier.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Yeah, I agree. I was more looking for a stop-gap for you.

I know the CCL Discord channel has/had? a room dedicated to game results. Wonder if the webhook they use for that could be tweaked to capture current games being played. Not pretending to know anything about how any of the tech wizardry happens.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

We do still have that going. No idea how it works either, but I can ask the man who does 😃

Maybe there should be a 'stalk' feature in game where you're notified when a stalked coach starts a game 😉

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