Will there be a Multiplayer Storyteller mode?

Perhaps some here will remember the 2000 game Vampire the Masquerade:Redemption. Admittedly lacking in quality, the game had one particularly good feature, its Storyteller mode.

As the name indicates, this mode allowed to host games for his friends, to move props and actors, to basically have a session of pen and paper roleplaying through the videogame.

Is there any chance that this Werewolf game will have a similar feature?

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I REALLY hope there will be multi-player mode (online) as well. So If I want to play with a friend on XBOX Live or PS Network, I can. Or online via PC.

@LG_Xenith the multiplayer mode he is describing is a bit different. With one player creating maps, setting objects, crafting dialogue and establishing quest triggers. A bit more indepth than just party play of prepared content.

It would be cool if there was an Online option for ST mode but I hope they do not make game play centered around an ST like feature like they did with the two mobile games they recently came out with, which are ST mode single player only.

Hell, I hope it too so much !

sorry for breaking your dream, but they don't gonna make this kind of feature. They can't take to much risk with this project.

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