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Hope ya guessed what i would try to adress with the title: Weapons and equipment.

In Mordheim, the equipment was kept simple yet it was good. Every weapon had a unique utility and you could use them on specifical builds for certain characters. But i want to adress something aside from the melee weapons, since if they keep the Mordheim system, it's going to be fine (I still want Flails to be Unparriable with swords.)

Necromunda classified ranged weapons in Pistols (Needle pistol, Las pistol, Hand Flamer...) Basic weapons (Autogun, Shotgun, Lasgun...), Special weapons (Flamer, Melta-gun, Needle Rifler...), Grenades and Heavy Weapons (Autocannon, Heavy stubber, Plasma cannon...) Each one has unique features that we all probably want to see implemented (like shotguns using different kinds of ammo and varying in range and effect depending on the ammo, having the option to shoot a max power shot with plasmaguns...).

As well, i hope to see what we all want to see: using pistols in melee. I don't think we should think too much about this one, but it's a must have in Necromunda. As well, i also hope to see some mechanics used with heavy weapons in order to balance them (like needing to use some Strategic points to set up the weapon before firing, ammo consumption, etc...). As well, we should have to manage the ammo in the weapons (like in Xcom, even if i don't want to mention that game) and need to pass the ammo rolls every time we reload the gun. As well, i want to see the weapon attachments for ranged weapons in the same way we had runes in Mordheim.

When it comes to equipment i hope we see more variety between Cloth/Medium armor/ Heavy armor. The distinction is not bad, but I kinda want to see armor with special effects like the Camaleonine (which gives ranged resistance) or Mesh armor. As well i think we should have a separate accesory slot aside from the headgear piece.

This is mainly because there is equipment in Necromunda that could be used while wearing a helmet and those accesories wouldn't give a benefit as big as wearing the headpice that would change it. For example, we could be able to equip one of our gangers with a Filter Plug while wearing Infra-red goggles. The Filter plug would give the character a mild resistance to fumes and toxic gases, but he wouldn't be inmune to them as if he wore a rebreather, which would be a headpiece gear. Same could be applied to the Photo contacts, which would grant some resistance to photon grenades, while the headpice (the Photo visor) would grant the character inmunity to such grenades.

There can be also some other accesories that would give some benefits to the gangers, like an ammo belt that would eliminate the need to reload your weapon at the cost of -1 meter on movement range or the Bio Booster, that instantly heals 20-30 Hp when the health of the fighter falls below 25%.

I think talking how to implement equipment is very important, since Mordheim set a solid basis as how melee weapons are, and Necromunda should work more on ranged weapons as well as other pieces of equipment, since there are a lot of options.

I think the two main differences between Necro and Mordheim (in terms of gameplay) will be: The increased verticality (Mordheim had some, but you could cheerfully stay on the ground 99% of the time), and most models having some sort of shooting capability, even if it's not their focus.

As such, the fairly limited options from Mordheim obviously will not cut it (nor do I think anyone would even consider that), in terms of ranged options. The amount of melee weapons could conceivably stay the same, or even be slightly reduced, though obviously my inner nerd wants to see every single one of those iconic weapons, up to and including the completely over-the-top options like Power Fists ("the Lascannon of melee weapons").

I am intrigued by the use of pistols in melee combat - if I remember correctly, you could choose which of your weapons would perform the hit in melee, I honestly don't remember if they would automatically alternate if you scored multiple hits, though I seem to remember playing it like that irrespective of the rulebook.

Obviously Mordheim simplified that whole thing a lot by having dual-wield attacks simply swing and hit (or miss) with both weapons, for a sort of aggregate effect. That would not be viable if one of the weapons could run out of ammo halfway through the combat phase - but now we're starting to get into the intricacies of how combat will function in Necro, and we just don't know. It might be very close to how Mordheim did it, but it might also be a completely new implementation to facilitate just such things as pistols in close combat. Of course the easy way to include pistols in close combat would be to allow you to pistol-whip opponents, so simply adding a (relatively small) amount of melee damage to successful hits with a dedicated melee weapons.

Helmets aren't really a thing in Necro though are they? I mean yeah filters and skull chips and all sorts of bionic replacements (as well as the ubiquitous neon-colored mohawks), but bona-fide helmets? I don't remember those being an option. Of course we could well be looking at a boardgame-to-digital difference here, but helmets being included is not necessarily going to be a thing (I guess if you get shot in the head, helmet or not - you're pretty much fucked!)

ps: You sound like an Ork! Purge the xenos filth!

Yeha, i hope to see more verticality in this game since in Mordheim most of the time you're just trying to get to a nice place so you can fight the enemies at street level. And even if most are good at shooting, it's always nice to have specialized guys on other stuff than shooting (i'm looking mainly at the Goliaths, masters of melee).

Even if the main course of the action in Necromunda will be in the ranged weapon department, we still have a nice variety of weapons when it comes to melee outside of power weapons. The question is how things will go, since in Necromunda rulebook, there are no shields and only swords can parry attacks. As well, i wonder what kind of fool would try to parry a Power fist or a Chainsword.

Also, now that you talk about dual wielding i remember you could only dual wield pistols and SMGs in Necromunda. I wonder how dual wielding ranged weapons will be implemented, since it will definetly be a tricky question, same as using guns in melee combat. I just hope they don't go the pistol whip way, it would be awfully dissapointing unless you ran out of ammo and you decided to go for a desperate attack. Also, remember in Mordheim dual wielding weapons lowered the aggregate damage of both weapons by 25%, making dual wielding not as powerful as having a Two handed weapon, which was kinda the point since if that penalty wasn't applied, dual wielding would be more powerful than two handed weapons.

Also, you got a point there since Helmets aren't a thing in Necromunda, but you still have gear that is worn in the head (like i said, infra red goggles, rebreathers and photo visors). As well, the rules stated if the armor you equipped to gangers covered other parts of the body other than the torso (if it had shoulder pads, thight pads or head protection). Dunno if helmets would count for that, but i'ms still going for the headgear more like a "utility equipment" approach. Who knows... Maybe you have a Ganger too worried about his brains being shot and he decides to wear a helmet.

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