At the moment, spinning in a ladder-style-competition (searching for opponent) is often a very frustrating affair.

You don't know, if someone is spinning with you or not that is eligible for matching. You sometimes wait and wait and have no idea whether it is because there is no one there or because you were the odd-one-out or there just was no one in your tv range.

Also, after starting the spin, you don't see how long the time until the spin-pool is evaluated for matching still is (unless you look at a watch outside of the game and use that as an external time-reference, which is tedious). That leads to people perpetually stopping and restarting the spin, just to see how much time is left, which in extreme cases can of course lead to you missing the exact point when the spin would be finished.

To make life more comfortable in-game in regard to such matters, it would be nice, if

a) The timer to the end of the waiting-period was being displayed (I'm sure the graphics of other such timers like in the inducement phase could be re-used for that purpose)

b) During pooling, display the number of teams in the pool and/or the number of teams that are within your tv-matching range. This would help tremendously in those cases where there is simply no one in your range and you would otherwise wait and wait and wait, just hoping. It would allow you to spin a different team with a different tv to heighten your chances of finding a match, if all you want to do is play a game, have limited time, and you don't care that much which team you're playing.

Additionally, the different effective TVs (after adding journeymen) of the spinning teams could be displayed and/or the coach names, but that may be a matter of a different topic.

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