Fun and interactive way to re-fuel trucks or tanker

I had a thought here and it sounds excitng. How would you like to be able to grab the hose and move it around like a ragdoll and connect both ends to imput and output valve. and then refueling would take take place. Putting the hose back, you'd simply drag it back where it was and it would automatically return to its original formation.

Sort of like the hoses in Astroneer?

I got the idea from where you could hold down a button and it unlocked the ability to basically use a "hand" to freely any object in front of you around and throw it around like a rag doll

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Well maybe than after some time they could include first person view and ability to get out of the truck and refill it, fix it, attach trailer from the first person view. That would be a huge improvement.

@flykas said in Fun and interactive way to re-fuel trucks or tanker:

they could include first person view

If I remember correctly, after the release of previous Spintires, developer said, that there will be no walking around in first person view, due to engine limitations.

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