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Game today 9/22/2017 at 13:15 central time in the states the game ended. Two teams were "No Sleep for Big D" vs "MALOCH's HENCHIES". Player with Break Tackle skill is "Mummie", twice during the game tried to use break tackle and it did not allow me to use the skill. I never tried to use skill twice during a turn, as I failed each attempt during the game. I have used it in previous games successfully. In this game though it failed twice (failed as it just tried to Dodge and not even use Break Tackle skill)

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What were the situations? If the skill would make no difference to the roll it will not be used.

the game allowed me to reroll the dodge, so why would it not use break tackle skill then? Said I needed a 5+ on Dodge attempt, failed dodge, rerolled ... I do not remember the actual die rolls, would need to review the tape

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Rerolls and Break Tackle are not linked. If you'd rolled 1-1 then BT would not have happened, for example.

understand a roll of 1 is a failure, do not remember actual die roll, gonna have to review the tape. But I think I would have noticed the red "1" die displayed as I was looking at the dice roll log ...

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Well it needn't have been a 1, just any dodge which would have failed using ST instead of AG. Which league was this in?

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I saw an interesting play with the star player Bertha yesterday. My opponent used Bertha to dodge away from a marked player and then dodge into a cage to hit the ball carrier. He did not have dodge set to manual (per his information), and he did not mention how BT was set.

The initial dodge attempt failed with Bertha's Agility, and the game used Break Tackle automatically (as that succeeded). Then he failed the dodge into the cage with a 5 but rolled a 6 on the dodge reroll and made it into the cage and hit my player.

He was upset that the BT was used on the initial dodge into no tackle zones so that he could only succeed on the subsequent dodge with a 6.

I guess all that really means is that if both BT and dodge are set to automatic that BT that will succeed will take precedence over a dodge roll that may or may not succeed. Seems reasonable, but it would be nice if on conflicting skills that could be used on a single action that even if they were both set to automatic the client would ask you in that case. Setting BT to manual doesn't have many negatives, but playing flings and having dodge set to manual means you spend a lot of the match answering that question!

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