Blood Bowl League of Australia and New Zealand Revamped

The Blood Bowl League of Australia and New Zealand was created to give those in the Australasian region an opportunity to compete against each other online with Blood Bowl 2 and other various turn based games . Recently we have undergone some changes to our league format in order to take full advantage of the release of the Legendary Edition of BB2.

  • All competitions will go ahead as normal except for Little League. In order to give most members a chance to level up some of the new races, the eighth season of LL will have a few more slots than normal so more than usual get a chance to bring in some new teams.

  • The BBLANZ ELITE competition will be a major and ambitious event for the league in the future. It would be great to hold an annual major competition that places all 24 races against each other to see who is the best.

  • BBLANZ will be opening a new league in-game called Australasian and Asian Gladiators “AnA Gladiators”. This league will house our mixed teams competition which has proved to be a exceptionally fun feature during the Beta.

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