Save game glitch

Just had a thoroughly irritating glitch. Playing vampire team & halfway thru second half when I have to save & quit. Come back & continue & it starts me halfway thru thw first half of the previous game against khemri! WTF? Over an hours play gone up in smoke! Just wow...

and the f^#king thing just did it again having FINISHED BOTH THE KHEMRI AND VAMPIRE GAMES ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! Bugger this game for a tinpot sh!thouse. How long has this game been out now & STILL these gamebreaking bugs plague us?! Oh & if theres a moderator paying attention this was in solo league because, of course, eternal league is currently unplayable due to an inability to progress past Autum and/or bloated AI team values. Awesome stuff......

Focus Team

Hello, on what platform do you play?
Can you delete all your replays in Cabal TV and try again?

xbox one. tried different team with same issue. i`ll try deleting the replays & see what happens

appears to have worked ok. thx for the assist. do i need to keep deleting all replays?

Focus Team

It's a bug pretty obscure on our side, we know the workaround (deleting the replay) but we think the bug is triggered by a particular issue in some replays and not by the replay numbers.

So I think deleting your replays is not needed, but don't hesitate to stay in touch if this issue appears again! 😉

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