[BUG] Wizard

I've had a very weird bug in a match: I used a fireball with an induced Wizard (the weather changed to Blizzard on the kick-off right before that - it might be irrelevant, but who knows), heard the sound... and nothing happened. No animation, no rolls in log - nothing at all.

I thought: "Well, another bug...", and went on with my turn. And only at the end of it I realized that something else was wrong, when I blitzed what turned out to be an empty square (failed the dodge and my player ended up with a Skink right on top of him in the same square). Next turn a blitz into non-existing Saurus just proved my guess...


Apparently, the fireball did work and all the effects were applied (including the ball being thrown back in - which I didn't even notice until the end of turn 7). But because of some sort of desync I didn't see any of it.

The game predictably crashed at the beginning of the second half. I was able to successfully reconnect, but my opponent stopped playing through the second half of the match.

Here is the replay: http://bbr.ucoz.ru/_fr/86/Coach-146528-ab.bbrz (the name was cropped, so probably you will need to rename it).
Fireball was used at the beginning of turn 5 for the Halfling team.

Note: If you watch the replay without fast-forwarding through turn 5, the non-existing models are still present and the blue ball marker is in the wrong place, but if you fast-forward that moment the players are gone and the thrown-in ball is properly highlighted in its new location.

Hope this helps...

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Hi, thanks for the report 🙂

This will be fixed in the next bug fix update!

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