Skill icons above players?

In some screenshots I see skill icons above players, but can't seem to find any option to toggle that on. How do you set that?

Ctrl to cicle through the modes, including showing all skills and only showing skills got by level up

Thank you! Works a treat!

Every time someone post something about skill icons, I'm going to beg they be moved to their own separate key. There are like 112 buttons on a keyboard, BB2 uses 6 of them. Its very annoying having to hit CTRL 200-400 times a game to toggle through the names and now two different skill choices.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

"n" cycled through names/numbers/nothing in BB1, iirc.

@dode74 Don't forget the algebra problem depicting their level and SPP gained.

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

loll yeah, I'd forgotten that! Something to pass the time while your opponent is afk!

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