[Goblin]Discussion around the Bombardier and Hail Mary Pass

Hello guys. last day i give to my bombardier the HMP skill! It s the first time i made this chance in this game.

Anyway, I ve put this little guy in the back of my defense when i was against a skaven coach. His gutter take the ball and the guy make a cage around him. So i used my bombardier and my dice was a 1...i reroll and hopefully this time i make a 4 and my bomb touch his gutter!
Sadly i didn t try again to do a long throw with my bombardier during this half, i was too afraid to do a fumble. In the past i ve already use this skill and it s impossible to miss your throw, it s just very unnacurate.

Did the HMP didn t work or work differently on the Bombardier and his bomb in BB2?
Any clues, explanations would be welcomed.

It works exactly like the using HMP with the ball, fumbles on a natural 1 and is always inaccurate.

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