Automatic Pass

I set Pass as Manual but BB2 set it as Automatic when i leave setup tab

Focus Team

Hello, can you specific on what platform?

I've had to reset my skills, camera angels (angles?), and animations a bunch on PC. Seems that every time I start a new team, it wants to revert back to Free Camera, all skills are auto, and shows all animations.

Focus Team

It's strange, maybe your config.xml is a bit old and didn't update well.
You can try to delete it in Documents/BloodBowl2 to have a fresh new config file generated.

@Focus_Guillaume Is that the same document where you could change your indicators from percentages to dice rolls prior to LE? Maybe when I monkeyed with that to show 2+ instead of 87% it didn't like that. I'll delete it and see if that fixes it. Thanks, Guillaume.

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