Bribe timer gone

I was given a bribe by kickoff event and went in for a foul with my thrower. The ref noticed it, but when the bribe screen popped up, it closed almost immediately.

The strange thing is, a friend says he just started spectating the game, and that HE clicked the 'ok' button right away when the bribe screen came up. Could be unrelated, but then again it seems an odd coincidence.

I've heard of someone else complaining their bribe screen timer was cut short, but do not know about any spectators in that game.

Focus Team

Hello, I don't think it can be linked to the spectator, I've just tested and the "skip" button didn't appear on the spectator side, so I don't know what your friend noticed.

Do you have the names of the 2 coaches and the 2 teams? If you have the turn number, it would be nice too 🙂
That way I can check the replay online and see what action could potentially lead to this situation.

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