Juggernaut not cancelling wrestle

I tested this in a friendly match between my Undead team, The Risen Ravagers and the TV1000 Brettonian team. My wight with Juggernaut blitzed a Brettonian blocker and chose a "both down" result, and when prompted, I chose not to use Juggernaut. It then asked if the blocker with wrestle would like to use their skill and an affirmative reply resulted in both players lying prone. I tried again and chose to use Juggernaut which resulted in a push.

Someone I know duplicated the result. It appears that Juggernaut no longer cancels the wrestle skill.

It's sad because it was well programmed in BB1.
First thing : choose to use or not use Jugger (to see if you want to cancel wrestle, fend and stab)
Second thing if chose to use it : choose to transform "pow skull" result in "push" result.

Community Manager

Hi, it will be fixed in the next bug fix update. Thanks for the report!

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