PC (Mac) Pathing ballcarrier and click pass. Froze the game.


Just now my game froze for the second time while pathing my ballcarrier to check the distance for a throw. When pathing the player and then click the pass option.
Skaven team, gutter runner. Did not find an existing topic about it but if you would like I will get the replay for you.

The game is awesome, keep up the good work.


Focus Team

Hello, the next time you have this issue, can you copy your Management.log and Game00.log in https://pastebin.com/ and post the URL please?

On Mac, those files are available here: Users>AccountName>Library>Application Support>BloodBowl2 (Note that the Library folder is hidden by default)

Sorry but I can not find the management log. In the Application Support, BB2 folder there is only Config.xml
And Bench to choose from.

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