Weapon balance

Earlier wrote some suggestions for general gameplay (https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/6981/suggestion-for-immersion-and-fixes/16) but as developers are not too keen to keep the game alive, just venting my frustration ideas here.

I would make following changes to current weapons:

  1. boost bolters. They need to be the most common weapons. Add beefier sounds on both bolters (current mild gun sound is the main reason i dont use them in game), faster projectiles, better impact / limb tearings on hits. I would almost ditch the basic bolter completely, as stormbolters were mostly used on terminator campaigns.

  2. give Assault cannon + Plasma cannon a slight nerf:

  • Assault cannon should have slight chance to jam even with booster parts, plus overheating barrels if shooting too long (in wiki: "The weapon is prone to overheating and jams due to its high rate of fire"). Boost damage to compensate this, as assault cannons should reap through the heavily armoured tyranids with ease.

  • Plasmacannon is notorious weapon for a reason (in wiki: "--are prone to overheating, destabilisation and misfire"), so rather than it having recharges, add overheat-bar, and if you cross it weapon either misfires or explodes, taking the weapon arm with you (or killing the terminator at worst). Add better sound for plasmaweapons, current "pew pew" is mild and not giving the proper respect for plasmaweapons. Respect their machine spirits!

  1. Change flamer damage and reload system. Make it melt enemies with one woosh (we are talking about 900°C temperatures!), make corridors glow white after doing so, make terrain stay as area that deals damage to tyranids. Earlier when flames stayed on ground it made tyranids change route, it was good and Emperor approved, why it was removed is beyond me. Compensate high damage value with smaller fuel tanks and really slow "reload" mechanics (in wiki: "Heavy Flamers must be fuelled by backpack fuel canisters"). So tactical use in tight spots can clear the coming hordes, but spray&pray type of usage will just make you wave empty fuel tank angrily at coming enemies. I would love to have heavy flamer as it is in books; tactical usage on clearing most dense, tightly packed enemies or holding the perimeter, covering others. But not as main weapon when moving forward (flames blind others and heat is as devastating to terminators as for the enemies, current friendly fire from flamer is a joke).

I don't wanna continue my rant about melee weapons (but I do anyway), whereas melee in Vermintide 1 + 2 is nice and has a nice physical impact in it, melee in Deathwing is unsatisfying, clumsy, lazily animated, and hits make every enemy explode (i know weapons have power fields, and they are supposed to pulverize the enemy on contact, but currently there is no real satisfying impact in melee, hitting the enemy feels exactly the same like hitting the air), there is no proper parry system for quick parry moves, melee swinging is so boring. Shield leaks through basic hits and is more unreliable than plasmaweapon in hands of an ork.

@voldo just a few points, there have been a few variations on the pros and cons regarding the Assault Cannon with the reload being the 1st iteration of a potential catastrophe, plus the flamer and its effects especially on the hardened chitinous carapace of all Tyranids would never melt such a compound- boil the liquid goop inside all exoskeleton based life form with its subsequent effects but if you want a weapon with the temperature and delivery that could do such it is 100% only the Melta based weapon platforms. Maybe DPS on flamer to be reduced but effects are fairly accurate. In the end it’s a tumultuous storm of flame which roils around hard objects, not a projectile of matter so it’s hitting power is never strong. Other than that I’m with the points you bring up generally 🤘🏻