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our league has just finished a season but 3 teams are tied 5-2-2 have a bunch of people in league asking why people are placed as they are assumed be by touchdowns but the one with most touchdowns is in 4th can someone clear up how it decides leaders in ties

Focus Team

The first tie-breaker should be TD difference, so a team with 10-7 will be higher than a team with 12-10.

@Focus_Guillaume I thought it used to be in Round Robin format, if the teams had met before the winner of that game was first, if they hadn't met or it ended in a draw it was a random selection. Not going to argue with the devs, but that seems like a better way of doing it, rewarding head to head, but I guess someone could argue if the first place teams were Dwarfs v. Chaos and Dwarfs won on week one, and then the Chaos got developed and they ended up tying the Dwarf record, that isn't a good indicator which is the better team. But, that's what you get for playing Chaos, I guess.

Nevermind me... I'm just arguing with myself.

Focus Team

It was indeed a previous tie breaker but it's not a solid method, and ends with random selection far too much, especially if there are more than 2 players on tie.

well just my first guess is maybe 1 at top is there cause he won against the 1 team drew the other 2nd drew both of the tie and third lost to the 1 team in tie

as for touch downs and touch down difference 1st has 13 touch downs 10 sustained difference of 3
2nd has 8 touchdowns 5 sustained difference of 3
3rd has 20 touchdowns 10 sustained
so that touch down theory really does not work in this case and of course they are all confused and just want an answer i dunno im just trying to accommodate by given then them a logical answer lol

Focus Team

Hmm ok, maybe the new tie-break method is not live yet, it should be with the next patch.

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