The AI crowd-surfed itself

Just played a game on 'Hard' difficulty, and the AI pushed one of my players into its own player who was then pushed over the sideline.
I bought BB2 LE a couple of weeks ago. I'm very disappointed with the AI. It hardly ever scores a touchdown against me.
I have yet to lose a game (I play 3 matches each day).
The AI in BB1 wasn't too bright either, but I'm actually beginning to miss it - it was a lot better than the newest version and sometimes it would even win a game.

Please tell me there are plans to fix this.

There is no fix. If you want to have real fun, play Underworld and send a goblin potatoing down the opposite side of the field as the ball. The AI will send 7 guys to mark that "threat" instead of attacking the ball.

Crowd-surfing itself?
That's a new low.

I remember Jimmy made some a video about how the AI can't even score in 6 turns while you do nothing at all.

Youtube Video

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