Pass fumble in BB2

Hi ! Could anyone help me with the pass fumble rule ? I can't seem to find the actual rule to understand the probability of a fumble on a pass.

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A d6 result of a modified or unmodified 1 on the pass roll will result in a fumble.

I played a game yesterday where a skaven fumbled a pass on a 3 roll with no tackle zones bothering him. How could this happen ?

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How far was the pass? A Long Bomb has a -2 modifier.


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Thanks, it was not my interpretation of LRB that pass length affected a fumble, only pass accuracy.

Nope. Pass distance modifies the chances of fumble. Made that mistake a couple of times early on, "Guess I'll just punt it down field to keep it safe... ooops, that 6+ pass means I fumble on a one, two, or three."

Thanks a lot everyone ! I interpreted the fumble rule as counting only the tackle zones, but I see it's all modifiers that have to be taken into account.

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It's what makes the "Safe Pass" Skill essential for any team that intends to go long.

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